NameHigh Bridge–Wilmore Rail-Trail (proposed)
      End PointsHigh Bridge park and Wilmore caboose museum
      Length4.5 miles (approximate)
      LocationJessamine County, Ky
      SurfaceAsphalt (proposed)


The High Bridge–Wilmore Rail-Trail is a proposed trail on the railroad bed abandoned when the (Norfolk) Southern relocated and doubled the tracks. The trail winds through beautiful forest overlooking the Kentucky River, slices through rock cuts, crosses meadows, and about midway, plunges through a tunnel. The abandoned railbed is in private ownership.


Rail-trails provide a number of benefits to the community:

This makes an ideal rail-trail for a number of reasons:

Location and Map

The simple map below shows how the abandoned line crosses State Route 29 twice between High Bridge and Wilmore.
Map of the proposed High Bridge-Wilmore Rail-Trail

Note that this is not currently a trail. Please respect the landowners and do not trespass.

More detailed maps of the trail are available, including topographical maps and aerial photos.

Proposed Plan


Many steps are necessary before trail construction can begin:


Actual trail construction could begin with this plan:

How to Help

There are many ways you can help to make this trail a reality: writing letters, making phone calls, educating others, doing research, providing financial support, and giving legal or other expert assistance. If you are interested in helping with this rail-trail, please contact Tim Powell.
     Phone: (859) 858-3139
     Email: railtrDonotspam@ail T worldtimzoneco·    m

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